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"Loved that book! That Santa house was warm. Sex, Drugs, & Santa! What amusement...Park. And a filthy frozen North Pole!" 
- Mancow Muller -

"It's a true gem! A fan must-have.We highly recommend it!" 
- Theme Park Adventure Magazine -

"@SVGONEWILD Found it on Amazon. You made a sale! ... Really Great stuff. Only went once, but the book brought back nice memories. 
Fun read!"
- Pat Sajak -

"Just got "Santa's Village Gone Wild! from @SVGONEWILD ah, memories..." 
- Billy Dec -

"@SVGONEWILD we LOVED Santa's Village when we were kids--especially putting our hands (and tongues) on the frozen "north pole"
- Cindy Crawford -

"I enjoyed it. Thanks for sending it along!"
- Richard Roeper -

"Christopher as an author puts himself out there and exposes things about himself while working at Santa's Village that maybe less confident authors would not be willing to share. The honesty and down to earth written words makes this book a must read, whether you are familiar with Santa's Village or not, readers will find some type of connection with this fabulous book!"
- Michelle Sheppard -
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"A really fun read."
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